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Are you considering selling your home and would like to speak with an experienced Tampa real estate expert?

100% free of charge? 

Zero obligation or hassle? 

No cheesy hard sells - just a pleasant and light conversation?

Our Performance Guarantee

We will get your home UNDER CONTRACT for our AGREED PRICE within 30 DAYS of going live on the MLS or we will rebate you $2,000 of our commission at closing. 

We don't like to lose.  Our performance guarantee aligns client/agent interests and makes our team have some financial skin in the game, just like you.  If we don't do what we say we will, you get a rebate at closing.

 Service Like No Other

Professional Photography

We use only the very best photographers to photo and video your home.  In today's real estate market, your online photos are extremely important. 

Open Houses

When you work with us to list your home for sale, we will create an open house schedule convenient to you to maximize exposure to your home.

Expert Marketing

We take great pride in our marketing expertise and ability to attract buyers to your home through smart marketing.  Our listings include significant exposure over social media and through paid ads.

Fearless Negotiations

Our job is to protect your interest and that usually means getting as much money as possible for your home.  When you hire us to help, you get years of experienced negotiations skills behind you.

Why Choose Us?

Tap our experience.  Use our expertise.

We put a lot of eyes on your home to get it sold.

Let us fight for your interest.  We're fearless.

Delivering the bad news just as easily as the good.  The way it should be.

It will always be about people first.  We're only tough when we need to be.

How it works?

Step 1

Fill out our form below complete with the full address of the property so we can do some preliminary, basic research on your home.

Step 2

We will text you once we receive this form to confirm we have the proper contact details.

Step 3

We will start by putting together a free, comprehensive listing value report.  This report is 100% free.  We use comparable home sales to put a value on your home in today's fast-paced market.  This is just a first step in the process and very good information to have for any homeowner.

Step 4

We will create your free listing value report, hand-analyzed by Phil Bernie, Broker Associate.  Once he's comfortable with the numbers, Phil will email you the report within an hour or two of submitting this form.

Phil will then follow up with a phone call to discuss not only what is in the report, but also what you might need some help with as well as an introduction to our services.

We Always Go The Extra Mile To Satisfy Our Clients!

Nothing slips through the cracks when you hire us to sell your home.  This leads to a very pleasant experience handled in the utmost professional and expert way possible. 

Our clients love us and we love them!

"Phil is an absolutely outstanding realtor. He was extremely patient during our home search, very diligent when it came to assisting in finding home inspectors and securing the deal on the purchase of our family home. I would highly recommend Phil if you are in the market to buy or sell, you will not regret it. We are in love with our new home and grateful to have met Phil and worked with him on the purchase of our home."

- Jasmine E.

"Phil helped us sell our first home and buy our second home at the same time, and we could not be happier with how it all turned out. Phil made what could have been an incredibly stressful experience feel easy. We were never worried because we knew that Phil was on top of it at all times. Whenever we needed to get in touch with him, he was available. Whenever we encountered a snag with the seller,  he worked us through it. And most importantly,  we always felt that Phil was working in our best interest, and was ready to go to the mat for us. Thanks Phil!"

- James C.

It starts with our 100% FREE Listing Value Report and a zero-pressure conversation.

Our comprehensive, broker-analyzed free Listing Value Report is a must have first step to considering selling your home. 

This valuable report is created and analyzed by hand for each homeowner. 

It takes time and experience to be done correctly.  Please fill out the form below with your full contact details and property address and Phil will dive into it and contact you once the report is complete - usually within an hour or two of submitting this form.

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Please fill all the required fields!
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50 year old Broker Associate to successfully help you through the challenges.

Real estate can be very tricky and emotional.  There are a lot of legally binding issues that come up during the course of a transaction and when things don't go so smoothly, as often is the case, you want an experienced broker on your side protecting YOUR interest in the deal. 

Phil passed the stringent Florida State Real Estate Broker test - the highest level designation you can achieve in residential real estate. 

When you hire Phil to help you sell your home, you're hiring a true expert in real estate with years of varied, hard core business experience who will successfully navigate the sometimes choppy waters of the Tampa Bay area real estate market.

"Everything from television commercials to magazine covers, we've done it all over the years when it comes to marketing.  I have advertising agency level expertise finding my target market and getting your home in front of the right people - buyers who are looking for your home.  Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, reverse prospecting, individual web pages for each listing - it's all there and it's all top notch and professionally created." 

Phil Bernie
Broker Associate, Dalton Wade
Fearless Negotiations

Fearless, Relentless, Experienced Negotiator to Protect YOUR INTEREST.

One thing I know from being in this business is a lot of people are intimidated by negotiations and that's perfectly okay.

I happen to love this part.  It's been my strong suit for a long time.  I've studied books about it.  I've practiced it in business for years and quite frankly, I find it to be fun. 

What can be more satisfying than sitting across the table from someone to match wits head on, each attempting to gain something extra for his or her client? 

Yes, it can get FIERCE.  I've had an agent scream at me once in frustration but that's ok because in the end, I walked the line correctly and got the deal done, balancing resolve with reason - and you need to know that balance. 

Draw a line in the sand and your deal will be dead. 

Understand the opposition's pain points so you can exploit them to get what you need is critical and extracting that information from the other party is not easy.  It takes experience and a little psychology. 

Part art, part experience.  Negotiations are CRUCIAL to your deal.  Allow me to go to work for you and you'll see first-hand how hard I fight for your interest.....and I really don't like to lose.

Transparency - Informing you of the not-so-great parts as quickly as the good stuff. 

As my client, you'll rely on me to provide you with good, transparent advice so you can make the best, most informed decision for you.

Real estate can get tricky and is not always a smooth path.  We try to make it so of course but it just doesn't always go that way - there are a lot of variables.  

I wouldn't be doing my job correctly if I sugar-coated everything because I'd be leaving out some things you might not want to hear but need to know.

Transparency in this business is not only mandated, it's necessary for you to make an informed decision.  Not every agent out there is comfortable delivering the bad news.  I don't love that part but I do it as soon as I am made aware of an issue so you can make a good decision.

Approachable, easy-going, friendly.

Real estate has and will always be about people first.  It's a business that works among and within a varied set of emotions - the sale of a home or the purchase of a new one.

It's a people business and we simply love people.  There's no high pressure selling here.  We don't sell used cars.  We ADVISE our clients during a particularly vulnerable time in their lives when they are about to make an impactful decision for their families. 

We talk.  We laugh.  We check in to say hello. 

It's always been about the people and our thought is we have obtained a certain expertise and it's our duty to share it with others who need it - and we do - freely and regularly.


Phil Bernie,

Broker Associate | Realtor®

Dalton Wade

Tampa, Florida, USA

Bernie Team, Dalton Wade Real Estate, Tampa, Florida

Dalton Wade Real Estate Group | 260 1st. Ave. S. 5th Fl. | St. Petersburg, FL 33701
This site is individually owned and operated by Philip Bernie, Broker Associate, Dalton Wade

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